Please select the appropriate fund below to begin your donation. If the fund you want to donate to is not listed, you can use the Search field to look it up. If you have questions contact us at 715-342-4454 or by email Thank you for giving back to your community! Federal Tax ID: 39-0827885

Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Achievement Center Huettig Memorial Fund
Adam Okray Memorial Scholarship Fund
Administration / Operating Fund
AJ Zdroik Steel-Toed Footprints Memorial Fund
Aldo Leopold Audubon Society Fund
Alton & Barbara McDonald Scholarship
Amvets Post 1051 Fund
Andrew & Nancy Lucas Family Fund
Angie Sheldon Memorial Fund
Annette & Dale Schuh Riverfront Arts Center Fund
Ann G. Haley Scholarship Fund
Arthur E. Heinz Charitable Fund
Arts & Culture Mission Fund of Portage County
Avis M. Wysocki Memorial Scholarship
Barbara J. Gagas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Barlow Enterprises Inc., Charitable and Educational Fund
Bennett C. Katz Scholarship Fund
Berens-Scribner American Legion Post 6
Bev Laska Scholarship Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Wisconsin Inc. Fund
Big Red Club Fund
Bill & Harriet Fulton Memorial Fund
Boston School Forest Fund
Boys & Girls Club of Portage County Endowment Fund
Brian Kranski Memorial Fund
Bring A Buddy Fund
Bunczak Family Scholarship
Camp Hope Endowment Fund
CAP Services Endowment Fund
Charles A. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charles "Chuck" Konopacky Memorial Fund
Cheri Smith Scholarship Fund
Chester & Viola Biga Memorial Fund
COLLEGE Scholarship Fund
Community First Bank Scholarship Fund
Community Mission Fund of Portage County
Community Stadium Fund
Cook Family Scholarship Fund
Croft Family Fund
Cultural Commons Fund
Dale"Doc" Brown Memorial Fund
Dan Zurawski Memorial Scholarship Fund
Dave Marie Family Dominica Educational Fund
David (Skip) and Karen (Przekurat) Karl Fund
Debbie Callahan Arts Fund
Delta Dental Service Scholarship
Dennis Bonikowske "Write-Right" Scholarship
Dennis & Linda Brown Family Fund
Dennis L. Peterson Scholarship Fund
Dirk Sorenson - Dave Amdahl Wrestling Scholarship
Don Hamerski Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donn Behnke Scholarship Fund
Door2Dreams, Inc. Fund
Downtown Mural Fund
Dr. Richard B. & Mary Lou Judy Family Fund
Dr. Robert and Nancy Cooper Fund
Edith D. Kraus Charitable Fund
Edna B. Collins Scholarship Fund
Education Mission Fund of Portage County
Eichmann Family Fund
Elizabeth C. Davies Scholarship Fund
Elmer Fournier Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emergency Fund
Engine 2713 Fund
Environment Mission Fund of Portage County
Ethiopian Sustainable Food Project Fund
Family & Consumer Sciences Fund
Fat Boy Golf Scholarship Fund
Fern M. Johnson Nursing Scholarship Fund
Fran & Bobbie Roman Family Fund
Frederick & Patrice Boehm Family Fund
Friends of 90FM Fund
Friends of 90FM Scholarship Fund
Friends of Education Scholarship Fund
Friends of Emerson Park
Friends of Schmeeckle Reserve Endowment Fund
Friends of Standing Rocks Park Fund
General Federation of Woman's Club -Stevens Point Woman's Club Fund
George Rogers Memorial Tomorrow River Fund
George Roman Baseball Scholarship Fund
Gepetto Fund
Golden Sands Home Builders Scholarship Fund
Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin Fund
Green Circle Endowment Fund
Greg Chelcun Memorial Scholarship Fund
Gus Macker of Stevens Point Fund
Hansen Family Waushara County Fund
Happy Trails Fund
Hartford Waushara County Mission Fund
Heartland Community Farm Fund
Heartland Leadership Initiative
Heidi Evenson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Helping People Mission Fund of Portage County
Henry Flees-Scott Eiden Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hmong Sib Pab Sib Qhia - To Help Each Other Learn From Each Other Fund
Humane Society of Portage County Endowment Fund
Iber Health Education Scholarship Fund
Ilten Family Fund
Inwald & Anna Songe Scholarship Fund
Iola Winter Sports Club Fund
Iola Winter Sports Club Groomer Fund
Irene E. Kubisiak Scholarship Fund
James R. Cherney Scholarship Fund
Jeffrey Badura Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jerry Apps Scholarship Fund
Jill & John Norton Scholarship Fund
Jim Kocha Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joey Trzebiatowski Memorial Scholarship Fund
John Anderson & Judy Cable Anderson Fund
John R. Jones Scholarship Fund
John Wandrey Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jon Vollendorf Girls Basketball Scholarship Fund
Judge Robert Jenkins Memorial Fund
Jury Family Fund
Justiceworks Endowment Fund
Ken & Helen Scheidt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Kids Are Special Here Playground Endowment Fund
Kiwanis Club of Wild Rose, Inc. Fund
Klismith Family Fund
Koutre Family Fund
Koziol Family Fund
Laabs Family Fund
Laura Davies Memorial Scholarship Fund
LauraLee & Brian K. Johnson Fine Arts Award Fund
Leek Family Fund
LeRoy & Phyllis Heiser Basketball Scholarship Fund
Lillian Stone Weisberg Native American Fund
Living Trees Memorial Fund
Lois & Margaret Walters Scholarship
MADA Custom Apparel Scholarship Fund
Mae Fund
Malcolm & Margaret Rosholt Scholarship Fund
Marcus & Constance Fang Fund
Marie Colrud Gunther Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mark Acaley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Martha Jones Scholarship Fund
Marvin Wimmer Memorial Fund
Mary Humphrey Scholarship Fund
Mary J. Podoll SPASH Band Fund
Mary Rose & Lawrence Joseph Kedrowski Fund
Mary Thurmaier Foreign Language Scholarship Fund
May Family Fund
Meals on Wheels of Stevens Point Fund
Mike Biadasz Farm Safety & Education Memorial Fund
Mike Olson Cross Country Scholarship Fund
Millennium Fund
Moerke-Butcher Sense of Place Fund
Murty Trust Scholarship Fund
Music Department Scholarship Fund
Myron & Frances Soik Memorial Catholic Assistance Fund
Newman Campus Ministry Endowment
Norman & Margaret Myhra Scholarship Fund
North New Hope Lutheran Church Fund
ODC Fund - Opportunity Development Centers, Inc.
Operation Bootstrap Endowment Fund
Pete Meronek Charitable Fund
Peter C. Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Peter Friedrich Memorial Fund
Peters Family Fund
Plover Whiting Youth Athletics Scholarship
Point Area Single Track Association (PASTA) Fund
Point Bock Run Scholarship
Point in Common Fund
Portage County Historical Society Beth Israel Synagogue Fund
Portage County Historical Society Firehouse #2
Portage County Historical Society Fund
Portage County Historical Society Heritage Park Fund
Portage County Historical Society Rising Star Mill Fund
Portage County Historical Society Winn Rothman Fund
Portage County Literacy Council Endowment Fund
Portage County Public Library Board of Trustees, Inc.
Portage County Public Library Foundation, Inc.
Portage County Public Library Founders Fund
Portage County Wildlife Activity Fund
Portage County Wildlife Fund
Portesi Fund for Catholic Education
Reading First Fund
REF-General Fund/Scholarship/Grant Fund
Richard and Myrna Schneider Family Fund
Richard Lee Biga II Memorial Fund
Robert & Ann Shannon Family Fund
Rosholt Clinic Scholarship
Rusek Family Fund
Russell Phillips Scholarship Fund
Ruth Nelson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ryan Wanta Memorial Fund
Sadie C.Uihlein Scholarship Fund
Salvation Army Milk Fund
Sammy Jo Kurdydyk Memorial Scholarship Fund
Schwartz Family Scholarship Fund
Science Department Award Fund
Scott Schultz Memorial Fund
Shaw Family Natural Resources Fund
Sheila Kokkeler Scholarship Fund
Sisters of St. Joseph - Third Order of St. Francis Fund
Skyward, Inc. Fund
SPASH Girls Cross Country/Track Panther Prints Fund
SPASH Girls Soccer Club Scholarship Fund
Spoerl Family Memorial Fund
Steffen Family Scholarship Fund
Stevens Point Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Fund
Stevens Point Area Education Association Fund
Stevens Point Area Education Association - SPAEA
Stevens Point Area Public Schools Education Enrichment Fund
Stevens Point Area Retired Teachers Association Scholarship Fund
Stevens Point City Band Fund
Stevens Point Curling
Stevens Point Festival of the Arts
Stevens Point Junior Woman's Club Fund
Stevens Point Rotary Club Fund
Stevens Point Sculpture Park Fund
St. Martin's Church Maintenance Fund
St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church Fund
St. Paul's United Methodist Church Angel Endowment Fund
Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Coalition of Portage County
Susan M. Zywicki Memorial Scholarship Fund
Team Schierl Companies Charitable Giving Fund
Terri Witt Memorial Fund
The Women's Fund of Portage County
The Women's Fund of Portage County - Activity Fund
Tim Turner Scholarship Fund
Trzebiatowski Endowment Fund
Twin Lakes Public Access Road Fund
Vernon and Frieda Rosholt Family Fund
Vernon & Frieda Rosholt Memorial Scholarship Fund
Vernon Grosenick Scholarship Fund
Vince & Mary Fonti Sr. Family Fund
Virgin Spur Fund
Ward & Ethel Cable Family Fund
Waushara County Animal Shelter Fund
Waushara County COVID-19 Relief Fund
Wellness Mission Fund of Portage County
Wesley Foundation Fund
Wild Rose Patterson Memorial Library Fund
William Cherek Charitable Fund
William Cherek Scholarship Fund
William G. Schierl & Sarena L. Melotte Charitable Giving Fund
Win & Nora Jensen Scholarship Fund
Wisconsin Land Information Association Foundation Fund
Wisconsin League of Musky Anglers Fund
Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners of the Americas Fund
Wisconsin Woodland Owners Association Fund
WWI Veteran's Memorial Fund